10 Great Explainer Video Examples

Explainer Video Marketing
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An Explainer Video. Have you been thinking about making one?

If so, you’ll be joining thousands of other businesses, large and small, who use this brilliant way to get your message heard by your target clients. It’s not just for big business, as with many big ticket items – the technology to produce a professional grade explainer video animation or live take has become cheaper and more accessible over time.

It doesn’t matter what it is your business provides…someone somewhere needs a problem solved who your product or service can help. Your product doesn’t need to be “cool” – you just need to demonstrate that your business is a fit. It’s important that your video is a quick, easy explanation that helps your audience clearly understand how your product solves a problem.

Did you realise that Microsoft PowerPoint will record your presentation to a video? If you have a laptop with a built in microphone or a webcam on your PC, you can record your presentation right at your desk and save this to a video file. Easy to use programs like Microsoft Movie Maker or Apple iMovie can then be used to import that file and add an intro slide or easily cut parts of the video out.

At their most effective, an explainer video should be about 30-90 seconds long. Have a look at what others are doing – go to YouTube and search for “[your product/service] explainer” you’ll be surprised how many there are (and it’s a great way to work out what not to do!)

We have compiled a list of 10 great explainer videos below. Standby to be inspired!

1. Wizzki: A platform for managing the hiring process.

2. Pinterest: A nice touch is that they explain right up front how long the video will last.

3. ScaleArc iDB: An SQL traffic management engine is explained in this cute animation.

4. Student Hut: A tool for college students to review and discuss any college class before deciding on their course of study.

5. Removemyjunk.us: Furniture moving, junk removal, and clean up service.

6. Olark: Customer service tool. This one does a very good job of explaining what they offer and includes a special offer at the end.

7. SatPhoneCity: This satellite phone services company good job of giving a quick overview of just what they do and how they offer value.

8. Adoddle PM: This brief explainer video highlights the risk associated with mistakes that might result from poor planning and communication, and offers a corporate collaboration tool.

9. Bubbl.us: This video shows you how a product can help you create mind maps and work out ideas to make a plan to put them in action.

10. PG&E: A solar billing service. This video is short and concise.

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