4 Common Website Design Myths Destroying Your Business

When it’s time to launch your first website design, when your business is taking the leap online, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the abundance of website design advice. However, business owners can become trapped by the incorrect assumptions about website design, as conflicting advice and popular misconceptions have flooded the advice space in recent years.

In this article, we discuss the four most widespread myths about website design, debunking the reasons why they’re causing more harm than good, and why these misconceptions aren’t setting you up for success online.

Content: The more, the better

One of the most popular questions about website design is content: ‘how much should I include on my website?’ While there is no definitive answer, as there are no set minimum or maximum requirements to how much a website should have, most people assume more is more.

In the case of website design, the balance of information, imagery and page content is critical, and while it’s easy to neglect the information your customers want to know, it’s easy to provide too much. Working directly with a website designer will resolve this issue; someone to assess your content objectively, who can remove irrelevant content and who can accurately identify the gaps in your design.

DIY website design is easy

With more drag and drop website design platforms reaching the market, website design appears easier than ever before. However, what most people won’t tell you is how challenging the process really is, and how the complexities of website design concepts, such as SEO, can take years to master. DIY website design is purely trial and error, as it relies on continual self-learning to be successful, requiring time and resources that most business owners don’t have.

Your website is for you

Whether we know it or not, business owners find themselves designing websites that appeal to them personally. From colour decisions, the functionality, or the style of design, your website isn’t for you to love. The best website design for your business is one your customer loves, encouraging the visitor to trust you, and ultimately buy from you. Your personal feelings are irrelevant, as frustrating as they may be to hear, as your design choices should be purely customer-driven.

Set and forget website design

There is no such thing as ‘completed’ website design. Your website should be a continual evolution of content and design, as this website practise not only benefits your SEO but encourages natural, organic repeat traffic from your loyal customer base. Updating your website should be a straightforward process; adding new content can simply be including the latest products to your online store, your next blog article, or refreshing imagery and copy on any of your pages.

Your website design doesn’t need to be challenging; contact us today to discuss your online goals, and how we can simplify the process to online success!

Photo: keyboard by tvol licensed under Creative commons 4