Adapting your search engine marketing strategy for voice search

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Adapting your search engine marketing strategy for voice search

Are you wondering how to update your search engine marketing (SEM) strategy for 2021? It may be time to start thinking about voice search.

As most digital marketing professionals are well aware, web users are constantly on the lookout for new ways to save time and optimise their online experiences. A relatively fresh way to achieve this is to perform voice search using smart devices such as a household assistant, watch, or mobile phone.

As the number of people using voice search increases, search engines algorithms are adapting at an ever-faster rate, meaning SEO and SEM professionals need to consider how this could affect their strategies.

The importance of long-tailed keywords

People who use voice search tend to input longer, more natural-sounding terms into sites such as Google compared to those who type. For example, inputting something such as ‘restaurants near me’ may seem adequate for a typed search. Voice users, however, will be tempted to engage with their devices on a more conversational level. They may say something along the lines of ‘OK Google, give me a list of five-star restaurants in Sydney’.

Longer search terms mean digital marketers need to bid on longer, more conversational-sounding keywords for their SEM campaigns to be effective.

The importance of local searches

Voice search is proving particularly popular among device users on the hunt for services in their local areas. As such, it is a good idea to bid on search terms that include phrases such as ‘find me,’ ‘near me,’ ‘local,’ ‘opening hours’ or ‘open now’. Make sure that these important words are covered in your ad account and make the most of search query reports to help you come up with new and improved local keywords.

Make sure voice searchers’ answers are provided on your landing page

Fulfil the needs of voice searchers by ensuring your ad copy reflects the intent of their queries. Does it reward them with clear information and consistent messaging? If not, give your content a refresh.

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