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Successful business owner, business development and marketing executive with a deep understanding of technical and commercial operations. Trusted technology adviser to leaders of small, medium and large businesses. I can help you too - get in touch!
Trusted technology adviser to leaders of small, medium and large businesses.

When is it time for a brand refresh?

A brand refresh is a freshen up, a few tweaks or a total makeover of both your brand and the business behind your brand to ensure that they remain relevant to your target audience, and create the most positive and profitable perception moving forward. It can preserve your brand’s integrity, inject some fresh energy into [...]

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Branding has changed. Is your brand keeping up?

In the digital age, how consumers engage with brands has changed considerably. This has meant that many of the brand advertising strategies that worked well in the past have now become somewhat obsolete and unsustainable. Let’s face it: brand loyalty just doesn’t exist anymore. Consumers are far more promiscuous when it comes to brands. Their [...]

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How to make the most of your paid advertising

Paid advertising is a necessary evil in today's marketing world. Whilst there is something to be said for organic marketing, these days, the best way to achieve results and lead generation is through paid digital advertisements. The most popular forms of paid advertising include paid promotion on social media, digital display adverts and paid search [...]

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3 types of blog posts to boost your digital marketing

When it comes to blogging and digital marketing, many business owners forget that attracting attention is more about quality than quantity. There's not much point in posting copious amounts of material, crossing your fingers and hoping someone will read it. Every blog post should be original, targeted, compelling, shareable and relevant to your brand. The [...]

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3 ways to create a professional online presence

Digital Times Demand a Stellar Online Presence In today’s online society, internet scams are more common than ever, and often the only thing that gives away highly polished scams are suspicious email addresses and a lack of branding. To set your business apart, you need to engage the services of an organisation with years [...]

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Who needs a logo, anyway?

What is a logo? When we think about business branding, marketing and advertising campaigns, we focus on creating visually stunning presentations, advertisements with catchy slogans, and generally all enticing sales promotions designed to drive readers to engage with our company.

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Customer experience – Why emotional connection matters

The battle is over and the winner is the consumer. Aided by search engines and social media, consumers are now one another’s intelligent agents, with the ability to search products and services, read peer reviews, write personal opinions and share information with others in their network about their customer experience. The Economist ‘Path to 2020’ [...]

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Delivering the landing page welcome searchers are expecting

Imagine friends have moved to a new home and invite you to visit them. Instead of giving you a complete address they simply tell you which street they're now living on. Would they expect you to knock on every door until you find them? Of course it wouldn't be like that.

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Yes, branding is important for a small business

All Aboard the Small Business Branding Train There are many small businesses out there who see branding as somewhat irrelevant to them. Surely, branding is more for big business, isn’t it? All too often, small businesses treat branding as nothing more than a logo and business cards. All too often, they see themselves as a [...]

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3 reasons why your business should be blogging

No matter how busy your business is, or how strong your social media presence may be, you can’t ignore the fact that a company blog makes up a vital part of any business’s digital marketing strategy.

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