Big News from Google

Google just made a big announcement

They’re splitting up their entire search index!

We’ve been following the 2016 Pubcon pretty closely and Google just announced that they will be dividing their index between mobile and desktop – and that MOBILE will be the primary index. This will be happening within months.

Gary Illyes from Google made the announcement in a keynote on Thursday. Whilst he didn’t detail a specific timeline, he did say later that the update will be coming within “months.”

They also said they will still have a desktop index, but the mobile index will be primary:

Google will still have a desktop index, it just won’t be as fresh as the mobile index. #pubcon

What Does This Mean For You?

This will be a major update, following on from what’s been happening in the last. It’s been clear now that Google’s focus is on mobile with mobilegeddon, and the AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) project.

How should you prepare?

We are watching this closely and would like all our associates to be kept up to date.

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