Still Using a Blunt Instrument For Your Marketing?


Let’s face it, TV advertising is blunt instrument. Sure, it gets cut through, but is it really accurate? Is the era of broadcast mass marketing over?

Traditional media companies that are not adapting to the digital era are facing huge difficulties. In early June, Channel 9 issued a profit downgrade warning and their shares took a 20% hit, and channel 7 was hit by the crossfire down 11% – a direct result of advertisers walking away from this stone-age medium.

Like vinyl, cassettes, VCRs and CDs – single directional mass media is distinctly on the nose.

At the same time,  Netflix announced it would be testing advertisements and Apple released iOS9. iOS9 will bring more eyes to screens with Apple News and Apple Music – all with narrowcast built right in.

Mass media is undergoing a seismic shift away from broadcasting…that’s one way traffic only – advertisers now want RESULTS and smart marketing companies can offer very accurate reach.

YouTube and Facebook both report better than 50% of their videos are now being viewed on mobile devices. We’ve all seen the annoying overlays on Google’s YouTube, but plenty of people click – directly accessing the advertisers website or landing page offer – and it’s costing pennies for those clicks – not thousands of dollars per hour.

In the never ending marketers quest for people’s attention – at this moment in time, mobile and Facebook are the Holy Grail.

Mobile and Facebook are the Holy Grail.

According to a recent internet trends report, released in May 2015, digital viewing now takes up 5.6 hours a day per adult user, over 50 per cent is on mobiles.

When it comes to focussed group targeting, Facebook is poised to become the dominant news publishing and advertising platform. It’s Facebook, not Google, that knows almost everything about everyone – history’s most powerful marketing tool – for sure.

Just wait for NBN to be everywhere…

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