Your brand’s voice: Successful social media marketing

brand social media

Successful companies use social media to get news out about their position in the industry, to advertise new products, to provide links to their landing page and website and to offer their services. It’s now so popular that almost all companies looking to retain and gain new customers use it.

But social media can also hurt your brand if used incorrectly, so here’s what you need to know to get you started:

Find your voice

Whether you’re using Facebook, Twitter or Instagram – though it’s probably best that you use all three – you will have to write something alongside your links, pictures and videos. Your brand’s voice should reflect positively on your brand and image to generate revenue and attention.

So, decide if you’re voice urges everyone to hurry to a closing down sale, if you’re light-hearted and funny, or dignified and more about the soft sell. It’s about personality and the voice of your brand should communicate that personality on social media.


Posting every day on social media will probably turn people away and make them unlike or unfollow your company. You want people to think about your brand, but not every day. We call these impressions. Post at least once a week with new products, pictures, news and blog posts or link to your landing page to remind those interested in your brand and industry that your company is still active.

You can post more regularly and it’s up to you how often you post, but posting every day looks like spam. The same goes for quality: posting content with spelling mistakes and the wrong link makes your brand unprofessional, so try to avoid this by proof-reading beforehand.

Social media management

It’s possible to post on multiple platforms at once by using apps like Hootsuite, Buffer and TweetDeck. They allow you to time your posts on a range of platforms, all from your phone, but make sure your post is correct and what you want to avoid any confusion!

Paid advertising

Facebook is quite good at reaching your target market and you can pay for how many people you reach. Other apps and companies can retweet and share your brand for a price, and internet celebrities or ‘influencers’ have also been known to mention your brand for a price if you direct message them with an offer.

For more tips when it comes to using social media for marketing your business, contact us today at Mark 2 Creative.

(Social media by Christiaan Colen licensed under Creative commons 5)