Branding and rebranding – key factors to consider


Branding and rebranding – key factors to consider

Let’s start with one key reason for not rebranding – and it’s boredom. Business owners and managers are exposed to their branding on a fairly constant basis. Because of this, a feeling can develop that it’s time for a change from the same-old, same-old. However, seen from a customer’s side, with infrequent or occasional exposure, the branding message can still effectively hit the mark.

Considering changes to original branding decisions

The original branding of your business, and its products or services, might have occurred a while ago. So, a key question to consider is this: has the target audience changed? This might cover key demographical factors. It’s equally possible that, over time, there might be a change in the public’s perception of products or services in your marketplace.

A second question to consider might be how your business itself has changed. Starting out, branding might have been one of many factors. This could mean it was given only a small amount of consideration. Now might be the time for a much more in-depth consideration of your business identity. This can then be allied with the creative strategy needed to promote it.

An unfortunate occurrence

In today’s information and opinion rich society, it doesn’t take much for bad news about a product, service or company to become widespread across social media and the like. Such negative publicity might be utterly unfair, have a kernel of truth, or be a major situation to be faced. Whichever it is, a rebranding exercise can change such negative opinions – though it may take a great deal of time and effort to fully achieve this.

Reaching an effective rebranding decision

Considering a range of factors, such as those just covered, is necessary to assess whether a rebranding exercise is necessary. If the answer is yes, the next consideration is to what degree. Your business might only need a partial rebranding, tweaking and improving what’s already in place. Or, it might need a major overhaul.

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