Branding mistakes: 4 common ones to avoid

Branding mistakes can mean the difference between hitting or missing your audience.

There are so many different aspects to effective branding. Here, we have picked out four branding mistakes that often pass a business by.

Thinking a brand, a logo and marketing are the same things

You might often hear it said that people recognise a brand from its logo. This is like seeing a person you know casually - you wouldn't think you know all about them! Branding is about defining a business, while a logo helps others to recognise it or its products. Marketing, meanwhile, is taking all the factors involved in defining a brand and then making sure those who need to know this information are exposed to it.

Failing to deliver a consistent branding identity

Once the decisions mentioned above have been reached, it's time to take the brand out into its marketplace. It should hold fast in the minds of all those who need to appreciate it, which means ensuring blanket consistency. This doesn't just need to stretch across the communication channels in use, such as a website or social media, but also on letterheads, brochures, promotional materials and company vehicles. In fact, in any place where the company promotes itself!

Not driving it down into the words that are said

Much of the impact made in the above is visual. Owners or senior managers want people to recognise their business. However, if the words then read don't offer consistency with the initial impression made, damage can be done quickly. So, from mission statements and company slogans to About Us copy on a website and product brochures, all written communication should be in line with your branding.

Assuming branding is a one-time activity

Consistency should be prioritised to allow recognition to build and develop. However, that doesn't avoid the need for reflection and re-tuning when circumstances change. Think of how many major companies and organisations do this. There is a need to work with changing attitudes and circumstances. A brand should reflect both its owner and the public it needs to talk equably with.

Building a creative strategy

The many aspects of effective branding for your company or organisation can be brought together into an effective whole. Our Mark 2 Creative team can deliver both consistency and value to allow your brand to thrive.
Image by geralt via Pixabay