Aug 23 2018

Why the key word in ‘social media’ is ‘social’

It’s never a compliment when a person is described as being anti-social. Some synonyms for the term include: objectionable, unsocial, distasteful, unfriendly, unforthcoming, withdrawn. These words are often used to describe social media postings by politicians, showbiz and other personalities. You might think that these folk would know better… Let’s take this into the business […]

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Aug 16 2018

Should websites be inward-looking or outward-facing?

Planning websites Planning websites and how audiences will react to them can probably be described as party planning. Parties can be a great place to meet people. However, sometimes you talk to a stranger… or, to be more accurate, you listen as they converse at great length about themselves. You are soon engaged in a […]

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Apr 13 2018

Are you simplifying your customers’ online journey?

Would you like to go on a mystery trip? You board a bus, or even a plane, yet have no idea of the destination until you arrive. Some people might consider this a fun way to spend a few hours; but just as many might either be turned off by the idea or not approve […]

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online journey
Mar 30 2018

What is Vero and should you bother using it?

With so many social platforms already available to businesses, many have been asking the same questions over the last couple of weeks: What is Vero? Why are so many people taking up the platform? What’s in it for my business? And should I even bother? Managing multiple platforms can be time consuming, so it is […]

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vero social platform
Mar 16 2018

How does content marketing work?

Content marketing uses editorial, video, graphics and imagery to inform and engage the potential customer. Instead of pushing adverts at these people it seeks to engage them by being useful and helpful to them. Whether you are a small business or large corporation you can benefit from content or inbound marketing. Here we explore how […]

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content marketing
Mar 14 2018

How Google AdWords grows your business

You may already be using Google AdWords as part of your digital marketing strategy, but quite often companies overlook the benefit of AdWords as an advertising platform. Investing more money in Google AdWords may not seem particularly tempting at first, but the results are pretty much instant and transparent, making it much faster than SEO. […]

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Mar 09 2018

What does a decline in Facebook referrals mean for your business?

In an era of ‘fake news’ the internet has become a difficult place to navigate. How can we tell misinformation from truth, especially on social media platforms such as Facebook? Recently, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of the mammoth corporation, announced significant changes to the Facebook newsfeed. In a move away from news and commercial posts, Zuckerberg […]

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social referrals
Mar 02 2018

Your brand’s voice: Successful social media marketing

Successful companies use social media to get news out about their position in the industry, to advertise new products, to provide links to their landing page and website and to offer their services. It’s now so popular that almost all companies looking to retain and gain new customers use it. But social media can also […]

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brand social media
Feb 27 2018

5 Instagram tips for business

Getting attention on social media is a competitive business, but it’s far from impossible. Boost your likes and increase your followers with these expert Instagram tips. 1. Post when your target audience is online For most target audiences, this means during peak hour, when people are on their way to and from work. Another good […]

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instagram tips
Feb 23 2018

3 tips for improving your lead generation

In today’s world, the web is increasingly more vital and useful for bringing in new business to almost any venture, and one of the biggest ways this is done is by using the web to prospect for leads. Leads then become potential sales, and those sales can become valuable clients over time. In the end, […]

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lead generation