Apr 07 2020

4 CRM questions to ask when you’ve lost a lead

Do you have a strategy to regain lost leads? With lead generation activities forming a significant portion of a business’ marketing, it is wasteful to let lost leads slip. One can argue the lost leads weren’t ideal for the brand or business. But until it’s determined it’s mere speculation. In this post, we pose 4 […]

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Apr 04 2020

3 tips for using SEO in your blog posts

One of the best ways to increase traffic on your website is to rank when people search for keywords related to your business. SEO (search engine optimisation) is the process a business uses when trying to accomplish this. Using blogs as a part of your website is an easy way to include keywords that your […]

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Mar 24 2020

Using social media to improve customer retention

As a business owner, you know how vital social media is to your success. Despite this, many business owners see it as an optional extra. Social media can do much more than simply attract new customers and promote new products and services. The platforms can help you retain customers. Here are four easy ways to […]

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Mar 17 2020

Do you know if you have happy customers?

A bird in hand is better than two in the bushes. Amidst the economic slowdown, it’s good to remind ourselves of the importance of looking after the wellbeing of existing customers. Analysis to determine how happy they are is therefore important. With online survey platforms increasingly accessible and affordable, conducting customer satisfaction research is easy. […]

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Mar 09 2020

Why these 3 metrics matter in your inbound marketing strategy

Inbound marketing is the most effective digital marketing strategy for small-medium sized businesses. It ticks the boxes of growth-centric digital marketing: providing value to prospects and customers, mirroring the buyers’ journey, creating and nurturing databases, and seamlessly transitioning from marketing qualified leads to closing sales. However, unless you know how to measure the success of […]

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Mar 03 2020

Brand identity: the impact of its consistence on growth

How much is Amazon’s brand worth? According to Statista, it is worth USD221bn (1). Any interested suitor in the company must be prepared to cough out this amount of money in addition to the worth of its other tangible assets. Little wonder companies invest in creating a consistent brand identity. Beyond the name, logo and […]

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Feb 25 2020

Four tips for business engagement on social media

Brands and businesses need to be incredibly careful online; with users quick to analyse every comment made, social media interactions have never been more critical to get right. We know how quickly comments, videos and images can be taken out of context, and while we never aim to offend, it’s sometimes inevitable. In this article, […]

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Feb 18 2020

How to ask customers for reviews on social media and drive growth

The voice of customers matters in social media. It can be a major driving force of your marketing strategy. Indeed, word-of-mouth has grown more potent in digital marketing. The empowered digital customer wants to be heard and listened to. With over 9 in 10 online shoppers stating their purchase decision is influenced by online reviews […]

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Feb 05 2020

How to launch on social media: the basics every business needs

No matter what stage your social media presence is at, launching your social media identity the right way is critical. Every small business establishing themselves online experiences certain expectations of their social media, and this includes post frequency, type of content shared, and the platforms they specifically choose for their presence. We share with you […]

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Jan 28 2020

5 website design tips to increase traffic

On websites, as in life, first impressions count. If your website design is drab and ordinary, customers will go elsewhere. However, if the design is appealing and inviting, they will naturally flock to your business. Here are five ways to tweak your website design to improve traffic. #1 Web optimisation While not a new trend, […]

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