Jan 22 2020

How to turn creativity into a growth advantage

Do you have a strategy to stay creative and drive growth? When asked this question, most small business owners are likely to answer “No” or “We should be thinking about that.” It’s rare to hear an affirmative “Yes!”. Often, they’ll say “it’s busy enough thinking about today’s delivery or chasing a lead.” Sure, these put […]

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Jan 17 2020

How to make your CRM work harder for growth

Marketing technology, specifically, CRM, has made it easier for businesses to implement successful customer management strategies. Every aspect of the customer journey is transformed into a process. It gives the business a good overview of its success in drawing and retaining customers. With advances in marketing technology, CRM systems have grown in functionality. It’s not […]

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Jan 06 2020

How to use social listening to improve your digital marketing content

In a study conducted by the global public relations firm, Edelman, trust was identified as important as quality and value in purchase decisions (1). Trust’s rise to prominence in recent decades is due to the ease in which companies can drive sales online. This has resulted in a wide array of brands vying for the […]

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Jan 01 2020

Why marketing growth should be measured with these

What gets measured, gets done! With the plethora of marketing diagnostic tools available today, its measurement has grown more precise. In this post, we share a list of must-have marketing measurements for small businesses. 1. Cost per lead It’s the most basic measurement on your dashboard. If you gained 5 sales from 10 leads on […]

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Dec 23 2019

How to produce copy that prospects want to read

When was the last time you read a post or article from start to finish? Like most, it’s unlikely to be within the past few days. It is a luxury to be able to read a post from start to finish regularly. Yet content marketing will be worth $412.88 billion by 2021! So, how do […]

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Dec 19 2019

Lead generation: How to create value that drives growth

If you run a retail store, just because it is located on a high street may not necessarily draw people in. You may even have a good selection of products and brands. Reality is you’re not the only store on the street. There are countless others crying for people’s attention. It’s the same with your […]

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Dec 07 2019

How to create content competitors will feel envious of

Is your digital marketing content sending shivers down the spine of your competitors? Does it make them wonder “how did they know that”? If your answer is “Yes!” to these questions, you’ve done well in your content creation activities. But if your answers are “No” or “Not always”, we’d like to help. In this post, […]

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Nov 29 2019

Branding your business’ identity to support your creative strategy

Branding your business’ identity may seem like something too intangible to even consider, and certainly not something you need professional help with. However, your brand identity is an important part of your creative strategy to build and grow your business in the eyes of your customers and your industry. Professional brand identity Your brand identity […]

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Nov 25 2019

Customer management: 4 customer experience trends that will soar growth

In a PWC survey, it was reported that over 7 in 10 customers, both B2C and B2B, value customer experience in their relationship with brands. As consumer expectations rise, it is imperative for marketers to up-the-ante in their customer management programs. Being focused will determine the level of success attained. How can you achieve it? […]

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Nov 19 2019

How to develop a winning personalization strategy

Personalization is the buzz in digital marketing. As brands and businesses strive to differentiate themselves from the competition, being able to create customer intimacy at the 1-on-1 level holds the key to success. Above all, you’ll need to prepare the battleground well. In this article, we discuss how that can be done. 1. The right […]

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