Aug 07

Will digital marketing kick up sales volumes?

“Digital marketing” isn’t the beginning or the middle, but a means to an end. Is Digital Marketing just a Buzzword? It’s as a catch cry or a buzzword has been around now for a few years, and it’s still as popular as ever. Why? Is there a general belief out there that The Internet has made the job […]

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Jul 25

Still Using a Blunt Instrument For Your Marketing?

Let’s face it, TV advertising is blunt instrument. Sure, it gets cut through, but is it really accurate? Is the era of broadcast mass marketing over?

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Jul 20

Rebuilding the Client and Supplier Relationship

Relationship Matters The relationship between a client or customer and a supplier is a very delicate one, despite being one of the most important bonds being formed in businesses. This is the same for small and big brand names, in any industry or domain. The recent economic crisis may have been a dent for most […]

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Feb 24

Top 10 Branding Tips for 2015

Branding Tips One of the most important things you can do in business is to build a strong brand. Here’re some branding tips. You want current and potential customers thinking about you as often as possible… a good way. A top branding company understand this and can help you achieve it. Your customers always come […]

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Feb 25

What is Branding?

Branding – The Basics In the simplest terms, branding is a visibility- and reputation- building exercise to differentiate businesses from the competition. It involves the communication of the values, characteristics and credo of a business, with the intention to build trust and win consumer confidence. How is branding achieved? A company branding strategy mostly revolves […]

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