CRM trends to stay on top of in 2018
CRM trends to stay on top of in 2018 The world of CRM is constantly changing as the digital world evolves: the growth of cloud technology, the fast-paced development of artificial intelligence, and worldwide crackdowns on data handling and storage mean that there have been significant changes made to many CRM systems this year. The following trends are just a few ways that businesses can stay on top of customer management with a helping hand from technology:

1. Understand the importance of flexible working

Thanks to the wonderful world of the internet and our ability to be constantly connected, modern professionals now have more options about when and where they can work. Indeed, they can stay connected to customers and co-workers from the comfort of their very own home in some cases, meaning that a modern CRM system should be able to facilitate flexible working. Think about the tools a decent CRM should include to make this possible such as virtual meeting spaces, collaboration tools and built-for-purpose mobile applications that can help employees reach out to customers in a way that feels more personal than ever.

2. Consider how AI could influence your CRM system

AI has come on leaps and bounds in the past few years, and it may soon be making a splash in the world of CRM. As big data, AI and machine learning are starting to join forces, the potential increases for CRM systems to help employees reach out to customers in a way that is more targeted and personal than ever. There is much value in the information that lies out of corporate firewalls, which could help with lead generation and customer retention.

3. Get on top of the subscription economy

The world of the so-called subscription economy is well and truly upon us, as customers opt to pay for their entertainment, gyms, transport and more on a monthly basis. As such, retaining and enticing customers is a more competitive field than ever, and CRM systems need to provide as much insight into customers as possible to remain in the game. This insight could include factors such as the health of a customer or how often they log on to your site. In fact, many CRM systems already feature the technology to draw out this kind of data, but these tools are going unused. Change this in 2018 and get on top of the subscription economy.