Does your branding have a narrative and a voice?


Does your branding have a narrative and a voice?

There is a range of elements that combine to deliver a powerful and consistent brand identity; one is narrative, which can be enhanced through the use of an effective creative strategy. Here are two key areas to consider regarding the branding of your company or organisation, products and services.

Have you created a compelling narrative?

Consider one of your favourite long-running and popular television dramas. It’s very likely that, over a period of time, it will have developed such a clear and consistent narrative. From the original idea, depth will have been added as the story progresses. Characters and ideas will become embedded in your consciousness; you’ll often know how they will react even before the latest story unfolds.

Developing a branding narrative is a similar exercise. Our brains tend to react most actively when receiving information that we can understand ourselves experiencing in real-life scenarios. So, effective branding finds the time to tell (and develop) stories. In this way, customers can become more attached to your ‘brand’, seeing it as an accepted part of their everyday work or home lives.

New products or services should then fit into the established narratives. Even the most famous of companies have struggled after veering off-course with new product ranges that don’t mesh with that existing narrative.

Do you speak with a recognisable and consistent voice?

There is a range of voices that you can use to tell your narrative. Your choice should be consistent across all your online, in-person and social media activities; and should match the perception of your products and services to the customers you are trying to attract.

This voice might be formal or irreverent, serious or humorous, seasoned expert or lightly friendly. Consider how people use or react to what you provide; and how different your voice would be if you were promoting, say, funeral plans or brands of coffee, entertainment electronics or medical products!

How can we help with your branding and deliver that consistent voice and compelling narrative?

Our Mark 2 Creative team can work with you throughout a branding process, helping to firm up your identity and develop a powerful creative delivery strategy. To talk to us about this – without any obligation on your part – please give us a call on 1300 795 990 now…