Does your website match the public’s perception?


The Public’s Perception of Your Website Needs to be Top of the Design Task List.

What is the public’s perception of your website? When you’re doing business online, either through eCommerce or by promoting or delivering a service, you want your presence to be attractive, inviting, clear and welcoming. Even if you have all of these website design features, it doesn’t mean you’ll be generating the level of business you expect.

To find out why, it pays to take time to appreciate your prospective customer’s mindset as they examine your content.

How well does your website answer key questions?

Consider the following 3 questions a customer might have in mind…

Does the price match my expectations?

A potential customer will have a figure in mind that they expect they might have to pay. If your product or service is cheaper than that, this can instantly seem like good news. Until that person starts to wonder why! Equally, if the amount you are asking for is a deal higher than they thought, the customer will start to consider reasons for this too.

Knowing your customers and their expectations, your copy should make the product truly worth the price; justifying a higher asking price or positively explaining a lower one.

Does the product or service meet my needs?

Hopes, desires, expectations: each of these words could replace ‘needs’. This depends on the service offered or product being sold. Work to understand the range of purchase reasons in a prospect’s mind. This allows you to deliver powerful and positive copy to show how this is the right/best choice for them to make.

Is it easy to progress or purchase?

This returns to website design; the process should be as simple and clear as possible. Information should also include how and when the product or service will be delivered. In some cases, particularly for a service, this process will be to establish contact between your business and the potential client. Again, this should be easy for them to accomplish.

How Mark 2 Creative can help

As well as being experts in website design, we know that it can often be difficult for someone so involved in their business to offer the dispassionate eye needed to answer the above questions. Allow us to work with you, get inside the public’s head, and make sure your online presence hits the mark!