Create Emails Like a Hot, Silicon Valley Startup

Great Looking, Mobile Responsive Templates. No Coding Required.


Choose a Template

Our mobile responsive email templates will ensure your email will look great on phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops.


Edit Your Email

Easy drag-and-drop functionality gives you full control to modify the email template however you please. Rest easy, it’ll still be responsive.


Sit Back & Relax

Preview your email on smart phones and web browsers, prior to hitting sending. Take the scary out of launching your campaigns.

Emails Suited for Every Communication

Create emails in The Mk2 Platform for multiple functions, create your own templates, and share with the rest of your team.

  • ✓ One-time blasts – Effortlessly set up a one-time email to any portion of your list
  • ✓ Newsletters – Use our newsletter templates to stay in touch with your all your contacts
  • ✓ Customer Communications – Create and send your client emails from the Mk2 Platform
  • ✓ Autoresponders – Let your leads know you received their request with a simple autoresponse email, sent automatically on your behalf by the Mk2 Platform
  • ✓ Drip & Nurture – Manage all of the emails that comprise your drip and nurture campaigns
  • ✓ Sales Emails – Create emails for sales to use and send, directly from your CRM system

Everything You Need to Succeed

  • Send using and sail through spam filters
  • The Mk2 Platform handles bounces & unsubscribes for you
  • Automatic de-duplication of lists
  • Subscription Management is built in
  • Set your email delivery windows – Send emails at the right time
  • Hosted versions of your emails are created automatically
  • Forward to a Friend
  • Personalized fields and data snap in seamlessly
  • Top Notch Deliverability
  • Dedicated IP addresses available
  • SPF & DKIM for high deliverability
  • CAN SPAM Compliance Guaranteed

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