Generating leads for SAAS companies

Generating leads for SAAS companies

Lead generation involves stimulating and capturing the interest in a product or service and nurturing targets with education until ready to make a purchase. Software as a service, or SAAS, is a centrally hosted software licensing and delivery model. Software is licensed on a subscription basis, with customers given network-based access to a copy of an application specifically created for distribution. Some notable examples of SAAS applications include Cisco WebEx, Dropbox, and Salesforce. Lead generation and customer relationship management strategies should be implemented to stay ahead and nurture SAAS company leads.

Search Engine Optimisation

Creating unique, exceptional content to engage leads who are already in the purchasing stage is essential. While historically, businesses may have been able to get away with aggressive search engine optimisation, cloaking, and keyword stuffing, leads are getting smarter. Algorithms and consumers can recognize ineffectual or unprofessional content. Use your keywords naturally, and have a professional site up to today’s standards.

The Freemium Model

An alternative to the free trial model, freemiums allow leads limited access to the entire suite of tools in comparison to the unrestricted access of a free trial. They act as an incentive for upgrading to a paid subscription, maximising as much value for your SAAS business as possible.

Lead Nurturing

Businesses should look to create opportunities for connection and discussion with leads. What stage of the buyer journey are they at? Are they evaluating options to reach their goal? Or are they a happy customer wanting sustained engagement? Focus your inbound lead generation strategies on each stage of the buyer purchasing stage. If at the awareness stage, present them with more information on how your SAAS company can best suit their business needs. If at the consideration stage, recommend targeted content and an open communication line to solve their problems. If in the decision stage, create exceptional content to nurture and educate. Educate leads on how best to leverage your software, keep lines of communication open, and extend reach within the consumer's organization.


Lead generation is an integral component of customer relationship management and the CRM process. Work on opening a dialogue on consumer goals, options, and needs and creating targeted content through engagement, education, and nurturing.
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