Google AdWords offers you flexibility beyond SEO
Google AdWords is one of the biggest advertising platforms on the internet. Built by the eponymous search engine to facilitate all of the advertising space on their platform, AdWords is the system through which you can get your adverts to show up on Google Search and their other related services. Read on to learn more about AdWords, and how it can free your marketing from excessive SEO.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation, also known as SEO, is the practice of tailoring your content to include particular keywords and phrases with precise positioning in order to improve the ranking of the page on search engine results lists. For example, effective SEO could get your site onto the first page of Google when searching "Residential painter Mackay" rather than being buried amongst dozens of other companies offering the same services. For a developing business, SEO is key to long term growth and visibility.

AdWords advertising space

The benefit of using Google AdWords is that it can offer you a significant boost up the Google Search rankings without having to rely too heavily on SEO. Whilst skilfully implemented SEO reads naturally and is not evidently affected by wanting to rank higher in a search, in some cases, it can appear to be clumsy and actively harm the quality of the site. Advertising on AdWords places your site in one of Google's promotional spots, putting your website in full view of any interested customers.

Striking a balance

Whilst Google AdWords offers you further flexibility, you should still look to implement SEO in your content. This involves specific mentions of your location and the industry that you are in when possible, in addition to the services that your company offers. As AdWords asks for specific keywords for your company to be advertised in relation to, you may find yourself ranking higher on Google in searches you thought were unrelated. Implementing a level of SEO but using AdWords to ensure that you are higher in the search rankings is the perfect combination of having freedom in your content and being visible. For help and advice when getting started on Google AdWords, get in touch with the Mark 2 Creative team to find out more.