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Have you got a good social media mindset?
Some business owners or managers fully embrace the possibilities for their social media content. Others, frankly, simply see it as a chore. The majority are probably placed somewhere between these two points. Wherever you find yourself, here are two simple questions to help you deliver powerful content...

Do I act like a salesperson when crafting social media content?

Personal social media postings don't have this as a goal. Often, the content posted is simply to entertain friends and relatives. Or the author is wanting to air their irritations. Social media content for businesses can sometimes fall into such traps. Yet the objective - the endpoint - is to sell a product or service. Therefore, behaviours adopted before face-to-face or telephone selling scenarios still hold true. This means, as a starting point, you need to decide who it is you wish to reach. Take time to understand the reasons potential customers would have for buying your product or using your service. Understanding any reservations, doubts or misunderstandings they have - and dealing with these - moves a reader closer to becoming a customer. Finally, like you would on a sales call, make sure you ask them to take an action. This might be to click through to a website, call a specific number, or the like. If they're not asked or encouraged into action, you're unlikely to see the results you were hoping for.

Do I encourage, and take part in, proper conversations?

Another key element of your social media posts is to gain involvement. You can invite those reading them to ask questions, make suggestions and describe pertinent situations. When they do so, you can engage with them - this also gets the attention of other users who may not have posted but have similar thoughts. The key here is to engage. Too many social media posts are made and then forgotten about. This can quickly frustrate potential customers. It also suggests a lack of genuine interest or involvement by the company or organisation.

Making the most of your social media opportunities

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Photo: Free image by Pixabay