Hosting: How to choose website hosting?
Your website is one of the key ways that you’ll connect with your customers, so naturally, you want it to look great and function flawlessly. To make this happen, the web hosting you choose is a key consideration. Choosing the right hosting service can make a big difference in how well your website works for your business. Here are a few points to consider when you’re choosing website hosting.

How much support do you need?

Different hosting platforms offer different levels of customer support. You can even choose managed services where you completely outsource your website management if you want to focus on other aspects of your business. To help you find the right choice of website hosting for you, think about how much support you need to run the site. This should start to narrow down which options best suit you.

How much traffic will you have?

Website hosting providers often charge according to how much bandwidth you use. Be honest with yourself about how much website traffic you expect to have and choose appropriate hosting. If you know your site is likely to overwhelm a shared server you’re better off looking at cloud-based hosting or a dedicated server.

What type of server do you want?

The lowest cost website hosting is usually on shared servers, with one server running hundreds of websites. This works well for small and simple websites that don’t need dedicated hosting but be aware that it does limit your access to the server. If you’re looking to build a large website or be able to scale up in the future, cloud servers are a good solution. A dedicated server is also suitable for larger websites if you don’t want to share with other sites.

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