How to build a successful digital brand

Consistency is everything in branding. Unless people experience a consistent story across all your digital media brand touchpoints, they may wonder about your brand. Don’t risk confusing them. Here, we share guidelines you can apply to achieve a consistent brand identity as well as a creative strategy.

1. Business goals

Are you implementing a premium pricing, customer retention or conversion strategy? Whatever it may be, you’ve got to ensure your brand speaks the same language as your business goals. When this congruence is in sight, it’s almost natural your brand touchpoints will be conceptualized to meet them.

2. Up-close-and-personal with the target audience

Time and again, you’ve been told of the importance of creating your buyer persona. Most successful brands have an intimate knowledge of their customers. However, they stop short of asking the question what’s the job they need to be done by your product or service? This is the ultimate insight needed with a buyer persona.

3. Your digital estate speaks your brand

Your digital estate includes your website, social media presence (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube Channel) as well as the occasional ads you may run. It’s so easy to put them together these days, thanks to templates, that companies sometimes ignore their brand style and guide. As mentioned at the onset, don’t risk confusing your target audience, especially with the growing importance of omnichannel marketing.

4. A context for your content

Content is king but it needs a kingdom to rule for legitimacy. That comes in the form of the right context for your content to make it credible and authoritative. Do not put out content for the sake of having it. Identify a context, or topic, that speaks your brand and build content around it.

5. Voice of the customer

Technology has made it easier to listen to the voice of the customer. Be they qualitative or quantitative insights, develop processes to ensure it happens regularly. Treat it as part of your customer engagement strategy.

The list of dos isn’t difficult to implement. Speak to us to learn about how you can do it.