How to create an effective online brand identity

Today, online branding is a discipline in its own right. Website speed, clarity of images and audio as well as navigation are essential facets of online branding. They contribute to your brand identity. In this post, we look at other factors which form the basis of effective branding in IoT.

1. Clear brand personality, tone and voice

In the digital world, your brand will be present in multiple environments – your website, LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, among others. These platforms appeal to different groups of people. As such, it’s easy for brands to get ‘lost’ as they attempt to reach out to audiences on these platforms. While you may need to tweak your brand identity according to the different platforms, it’s important you do not appear to suffer from brand schizophrenia. Hence, having a clear understanding of your brand personality, tone and voice is critical to guide your brand’s presence on various platforms. It’s important your brand continues to uphold to its values wherever it’s found.

2. Get your visuals right

The online space has highlighted the importance of the use of visuals in branding. Pre-online, you could get away with just paying attention to your logo and the type of font you used to represent your brand. But things have become more visual in the online space. Truly, your brand and everything associated with it need to look good at all times. First impressions count and have strategic importance in online branding. It doesn’t take much for people to tap-and-swipe away if they don’t like what they see. So, have a visual branding strategy in place.

3. Make brand audits a regular exercise

IoT is ever-evolving. It’s always work-in-progress as newer technologies are discovered that change the IoT experience. Although consistency is championed in effective branding, it’s nonetheless important to keep pace with newer ways of presenting your brand identity online. Conducting regular audits is important. Superficial as it may be, consumers will judge your brand based on whether you are on the latest platform or using the latest graphic.

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