How to create lasting social media marketing content

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How to create lasting social media marketing content

How long does your and social media marketing content last? Your answer depends on whether you create genuinely unique content or not. Many marketers focus too much on what’s next and forget that short-term thinking only delivers short-term results. Here, we explore three strategies marketers should use to create social media content that will last for a lifetime:

1. Focus on creating sharable ideas

Your focus should be on creating marketing content that is remarkable enough to push your audience to share it by word of mouth, email and share button. They’ll recommend your product to colleagues, friends and family. For example, excellent authors usually receive emails from people who read their books because an individual recommended them. The same applies to remarkably written social media content as it gets recommended repeatedly over time.

2. Do something unanticipated or surprising

What if you stopped advertising? Would people notice it? Probably not!

Businesses have to pay extra for their ads to reach more people because most ads are boring. The inevitable secret here is not to be boring. Be creative and do something unexpected, extraordinary and risky but without crossing the line. Let it also be surprising and yet unique. For example, your company can decide to become transparent by talking about revenue and salaries. Probably, this captivating strategy can benefit your brand more than an advertising campaign.

The point here is to do risky things to help you stand out and draw attention both on and offline. Salary transparency has been a problem from time immemorial and is powerful enough to bring lasting attention to your social media site.

3. Introduce some controversy in your social media content

All brands are not edgy, so it’s wise to figure out the things your audience wants before you consider including any polarizing idea. Always offer clear explanations and be open-minded, polite and respectful in your approach and responses. Being consistent in what you believe in is very important here. It’s all about arousing controversy or a debate that will get people talking and interested in your products. Good examples are Starbuck’s “Anti-Christmas” Red Cup ad and Nike’s “Believe in Something” ads, starring Colin Kaepernick.

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