How to ensure your CRM strategy drives growth

One of the benefits of a CRM system is higher revenue. However, for this to be realised, there are tick-boxes you’ll need to achieve beforehand. In this post, we’ll highlight the steps to make your CRM strategy and system work effectively to drive growth.

1. Choose the right system

CRM systems have evolved over the years. Today, many are capable of handling the entire suite of digital marketing activities. And most, if not all, come with analytics capabilities too. To avoid the white elephant in the room syndrome, you’ll need to choose the one that fits the size of the tasks at hand. Do your research. It helps when you have a CRM strategy, even if it’s just a draft, to guide you in the process.

2. Put a team or someone in charge

Your CRM system can’t on its own achieve the goals you’ve set for it. Perhaps AI will change that in the coming years. But until then, you’ll need to invest in someone or a team to manage it. It could even be you if you’re a small business. At the start, there’s some manual work involved in inputting existing data you’ve collected to date. With a dedicated person or team leading it, you’ll be off to a good start.

3. Populate your CRM system with the right information

Avoid the GIGO pitfall of CRM systems – garbage in, garbage out. It’s vital for the system to be fed with the right information about customers and prospects. Remember, an effective CRM system isn’t a directory listing. It should contain insights of customers and prospects you can use to run effective sales and marketing campaigns. If you are short on these pertinent insights, a short survey may be imperative.

4. Effective use of analytics

It’s the gold mine of CRM systems. The earlier you learn how to use the analytics that comes with your system, the better your customer management will be. With the insights it can shed on customers and prospects, running effective sales and marketing campaigns will be a breeze.

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