How to make paid advertising a growth driver

9 in 10 best performing content marketers utilise paid advertising to distribute their content (1). While you may be restrained by budgetary considerations, PPC marketing has a part to play in the overall success of your social and digital marketing activities. In this post, we highlight the key benefits of paid advertising.

1. Generates valuable data

With paid advertising, valuable data will be generated every time someone clicks on an ad. From data such as the day of the week and the time of day that prospects click to demographic data, PPC ads produce insights you can use to improve the effectiveness of your campaigns. For a small business, this data is a treasure trove that can be utilised further down the road. With every effort, the precision of your marketing improves.

2. Enhance the versatility of your content

Not everyone will be excited by the same format. Some people love to read while others prefer to watch and listen. With paid advertising, you have a wider range of social media platforms to choose from. Hence, you can present your content as text only, video or visual images. You’re only inhibited by your creativity and imagination.

3. Achieve your goals faster

Organic is great. In fact, it can be a badge of honour if you can achieve the desired results. Unfortunately, in a crowded social and digital media space, it is impossible for many. Hence, you may never achieve your desired results. With paid advertising, your chances of achieving success are expedited. Of course, you need to have great content and a unique selling point to begin with. If you do, you can arrive at the goals set much faster than not undertaking paid advertising.

4. More precise targeting

Paid social media platforms allow you to define a number of variables, including the demographic details of your target audience. As such, you’ll not be wasting resources by presenting your content to the wrong audience. When the right prospect clicks on it, you’re almost halfway there.

Paid advertising doesn’t have to be costly. When well-executed, the benefits far outweigh the cost. Interested to learn more? Connect here.