How to make your lead generation activities a success

From leads to customers, that’s the path your lead generation activities should take. But it’s easier said than done. For businesses that have become ‘disillusioned’ with social and digital media marketing, it’s usually a failure to realise this trajectory that makes them question its effectiveness. While social and digital media marketing isn’t a magic wand, it works. Unfortunately, most small businesses, in particular, expect it to work magically.

While the execution can be automated, nurturing leads effectively requires planning. It’s a strategy in itself. Failing to set it up properly will usually lead to failure. In this post, we draw attention to critical steps you’ll need to take to increase your chances of success.

1. Map the journey

From the moment your lead has expressed an interest – for example, downloading an eBook – it’s important you map out the next steps they should take. To this end, you’ll need to put yourselves in their shoes. It’s a dance where you should ideally be taking the lead. But to be effective, you’ll need to have an intimate knowledge of your leads, including their problems and the ideal transformation they’re after.

2. Think about progression

Now, you may respond to the above by saying a map exists. In all probability, it does. Most marketing automation providers have this built into the software, but that’s not enough. To ensure success, you’ll need to ensure each step takes leads to a higher point in that journey, culminating in “Buy Now!”. So, what happens after the eBook has been downloaded? What’s next once the initial consultation is over? And so on.

3. Keep walking

‘Keep walking’ is a line that’s been used by a leading brand of whisky for decades. You’ve probably heard it countless times, but for us, it suggests the importance of fine-tuning your CRM and lead nurturing processes as and when needed. The world of social and digital media marketing is very dynamic, so staying abreast of these developments will ensure your effort remains relevant.

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