How to produce effective social media videos

The use of social media videos has risen significantly. It is relatively easy and inexpensive to produce them. However, not every production produces the desired results. In this post, we look at the qualities of those that are engaging, drive traffic and produce higher conversion rates.

1. Choice of social media platform

While it used to be almost a near monopoly, today, marketers have a number of social media platforms to choose from to distribute their marketing videos. It’s an important strategic decision to make because they differ in terms of:

a. The audience types – for example, TikTok tends to appeal to the millennial generation
b. Format

It’s necessary to tweak your videos accordingly if you’re distributing them on the different social media platforms. What may work on one may not on the others. LinkedIn, for example, is a social media platform used primarily by professionals and senior executives. Hence, your brand of running shoe video must be tailored to appeal to their busy working lifestyle instead of highlighting the fun element, which you may highlight on Facebook or TikTok.

2. Length of the video

It’s the perennial “how long is a piece of string” question. While they are different schools of thought in this respect, there are two guiding principles you should observe.

a. Ensure the key message is communicated as early as possible in the video
b. Choice of social media platform

With regards to the latter, Instagram Stories allows a maximum of just 15s. However, if you choose Reels it can be as long 30s and IGTV is 60s. Being cognizant of these factors will impact on the execution concept of your video.

3. Sight and sound

Unless they are of the highest quality, consumers will probably swipe away. With more people using their smartphones in the age of IoT, it’s paramount for your videos to look and sound good on them. Additionally, it’s important to highlight there are people who watch with the sound off.


Video marketing will continue to headline social media trends in 2021. Connect with us here to make yours a hit!