How to regain lost leads

An effective CRM strategy should include a set of steps to regain lost leads. After all, a lost lead isn’t necessarily because of a lack or absence of interest in your product or service. Perhaps the time wasn’t right or they were considering other options. Hence, it’s not a bad idea to assume, until proven otherwise, the lead is ‘alive’. In this post, we share the steps you can take to regain lost leads.

1. Do your homework

A lead remains a prospect until they’ve made a purchase. If they’re still looking around, they’re likely still in the market. However, instead of rushing out with a “Buy Me!” email, you’d want to review the notes of your discussions with them. It brings a heartwarming experience when you’re able to recall in your follow-up email a thing or two of importance to your prospect. This will take personalisation to a new level altogether.

2. Reconnect, not re-pitch

Your attempt to regain a lost lead should not be seen as an attempt to re-pitch. Whilst closing the deal is the ultimate aim, jumping straight into making an offer can be a great turn-off. Instead, treat this stage as an opportunity to get reacquainted with each other. What usually works is to give something of value to them. For example, you may invite them to attend a webinar, sample the product or share insights of interest to them. Apart from showing your interest in doing business with them, it also underlines your desire to help, not just sell.

3. Provide an update

You may have made improvements or enhancements to your product or service. Or there may be changes on your end that’s good for the prospect to know. Share them! In the least, they’ll be aware of your continued interest in their well-being. Better still, if you’re running a promotion or sales campaign, letting them know they are ahead of the queue could just bring them across the line.

Chasing lost leads isn’t necessarily a lost cause. With the right approach, a deal may be closed. Get in touch to learn how.