How videos strengthen your social media marketing

Did you know the human brain processes audio-visual material 60000 times faster than text? (1) This shouldn’t come as a surprise. Humans are visual creatures and have always used visuals to communicate from the beginning. With 9 in 10 marketers naming video as an important chapter in their marketing playbook, you risk being left behind if you’ve not gotten into the act (2). But if you need further convincing of video’s contribution to your social media marketing, read on.

1. It catapults your brand awareness

Everyone loves to be entertained. On this note, videos do a better job than text and still images. A well-conceptualised and produced video will draw attention and engagement. When shared, it’s able to reach out to more people. As a result, your brand awareness stands to increase many folds. In a busy social media environment, this exponential effect is vital.

2. Embed a sales message

No one likes to be sold to. Hence, overt sales messages are frowned upon, especially in a social media environment. With videos, however, you can subtly incorporate sales messages. For example, you can feature a specific brand of mixers and oven in a video sharing a Christmas pudding recipe. It may trigger interest in the brand, especially if certain features allow for the pudding to be of a certain texture or finish.

3. Educate your target audience

Explainer videos are great for showing your audience that you respect them enough to share important information with them, that you are an expert in your field, and just how vital your services are. For instance, if you’re a tax accountant, you can use video to provide updates on recent tax changes. It’s more impactful as well as creates the opportunity for customers and prospects to put a face to the business. This is an opportunity to create a human connection, which is increasingly important to set yourself apart.

4. Achieve greater effectiveness in building authority

To a large extent, this can be attributed to the use of voice in delivering the message. Using different tones of voice helps to underscore the significance of the points to be made. You’ll come across as more passionate, knowledgeable and committed. Together, they’ll dial up your authority and credibility.

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