5 Instagram tips for business

instagram tips

Getting attention on social media is a competitive business, but it’s far from impossible. Boost your likes and increase your followers with these expert Instagram tips.

1. Post when your target audience is online

For most target audiences, this means during peak hour, when people are on their way to and from work. Another good time is just before bedtime – around 9pm or 10pm at night. Whatever you do, avoid posting at 3am or 4am on weeknights, when no one’s looking at social media because everyone’s asleep.

2. Be honest

Your customers don’t visit your social media accounts to see models and products they could see in ads. They want something unexpected, unpolished and maybe even a touch surprising. Instagram is a chance to connect with your audience on an honest, emotional level. So, hook them in with a candid, revelatory image.

3. Be consistent

Your followers stick with you for a reason. Perhaps they identify with your values. Maybe they appreciate your quirkiness. Or it could be that they spend a lot of their spare time doing what you do, be it getting out in nature or watching birds. So, try to be as consistent as you can, while remaining honest and getting creative. Don’t forget that consistency is often visual, but it can also be content-driven.

4. Don’t go overboard with filters or hashtags

Both filters and hashtags have their place, but don’t go crazy. Overdone filters tend to create a garish, fake effect, while an excess of hashtags can be annoying and over-the-top. Instead, use filters sparingly, to achieve specific visual goals, and use hashtags because they’re relevant and pertinent. Try to limit your hashtags to one or two per post, and look for apps that provide image filters that are less obvious or overwhelming (like photoshop). Be sure to think and plan before making any social media post.

5. Engage with your followers

Never forget that social media is a conversation. Every time you post, you’re reaching out to your followers. Chances are, they will feel inspired to respond. You might not have time to engage with everyone, but whenever possible, reply with a comment or a reaction. It’s also nice to visit your followers’ accounts every now and again and offer some encouragement.

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(Instagram and other Social Media Apps by Jason A. Howie licensed under Creative commons 4)