Why the key word in ‘social media’ is ‘social’

It’s never a compliment when a person is described as being anti-social. Some synonyms for the term include: objectionable, unsocial, distasteful, unfriendly, unforthcoming, withdrawn. These words are often used to describe social media postings by politicians, showbiz and other personalities. You might think that these folk would know better…

Let’s take this into the business world. It’s also not unknown for such entities to post entries that are tactless, uncaring, even insulting – but most companies would have more sense than to do this (we hope).

It’s too easy to be accidentally anti-social!

This is away from the above problems and no-nos. However, if you look through many business’ social media posts, they are often if not anti-social then at least not-very-social. The objective of such posts is to raise enthusiasm and interest in current or potential users of a product or service. The next aim is to have them become a regular responder or, even better, a retweeter or sharer.

Yet, a lot of posts are really little more than variations of straight press adverts: Here’s our new product or service; It’s sale time; and the like. There is no involvement, no social activity, within such posts.

Becoming more social by being involving

Presenting content that discusses problems, and offers solutions or tips (yes – leading to a product or service, but people accept that) starts to build involvement. Asking for other tips or responses helps build interaction. Presenting stories featuring people like your readers (and target customers) humanises any possible future transaction.

Dealing positively and openly with any negative comments also helps build an idea of a progressive company. Surveys often show that businesses are judged more favourably on how they solve a problem than if it had never happened! Such behaviours often turn a negative comment into a positive (and positively shared) outcome.

Businesses who don’t take themselves too seriously online can also gather an affectionate following. Many people head to social media for precisely this kind of interaction with friends and family; extending that to business can work well.

How social is your media?

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Photo: The Art of Social Media by mkhmarketing licensed under Creative commons 4

(The Art of Social Media by mkhmarketing licensed under Creative commons 4)