Delivering the landing page welcome searchers are expecting

Landing page welcome
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Is your Landing Page welcoming enough?

First impressions are important, and your landing page is the first thing a potential customer will see upon entering your site, essentially welcoming them to your business.

Imagine friends have moved to a new home and invite you to visit them. Instead of giving you a complete address they simply tell you which street they’re now living on. Would they expect you to knock on every door until you find them?

Of course it wouldn’t be like that.

That’s a ridiculous hypothesis, yet it has a correlation with some online search activities. People enter a set of specific search parameters, concerning the exact product they wish to buy or service they need. When they then click through to a website, instead of instantly finding what they need, they arrive at a generic homepage – one which may not even mention their specific needs. From this point, they are expected to find their own way, through a location they don’t know, until stumbling upon whatever they are actually looking for.

Instead of following this tortuous path, many searchers will simply click back to the original results and try elsewhere. It’s amazing how easy it is for a business to lose a potential customer they never even knew existed!

Providing the destination a searcher truly needs

The answer is to use a series of specific landing pages. Each covers a single product, or category, or one key service being offered. Instantly, the searcher knows they have reached the right place, and have been made to feel welcome. The information they require is quickly in front of them. This landing page can then start to move them through the process until they take the action you wish them to, whether this be contacting you for more information or to arrange an appointment, to simply buying the product from your e-commerce store.

This example of effective inbound marketing can be repeated for a range of products or services. Another key use of landing pages occurs when a geographical location is important. For example, if you were searching for a plumber to fit an appliance, it’s extremely likely that you would include your location as this is a vital component.

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