Lead generation: How to create value that drives growth
If you run a retail store, just because it is located on a high street may not necessarily draw people in. You may even have a good selection of products and brands. Reality is you're not the only store on the street. There are countless others crying for people's attention. It's the same with your lead generation campaign. It's one of the thousands out there at any point in time. There are many variables to keep in mind about running a successful lead generation campaign. One of the more important is the offer. In today's online scam and spam environment, people are more guarded when it comes to sharing their contact details. However, the resistance can be softened with a valuable offer. So, what counts for a valuable offer that can help drive growth? 1. Thought leadership If the content of your offer is just like another, it's unlikely to go far. There are countless numbers of ebooks on how to design a website. One more will not make a difference unless it alludes to a paradigm shift in web design. For example, you may hold the view AI-driven websites will be the way forward. Plant your stake and share the merits of it although it may be controversial. That's what leadership is about. 2. Share knowledge It's a knowledge society environment we live in. IoT has made it easier for the dissemination of it. Besides, people are always hungry for it. The value of this rises when you include experts from other fields in your content. For example, if you are a real estate agent, you may collaborate with a mortgage broker to teach your target audience how to choose the right home loan. 3. Inspires It's probably more emotional than practical. Having said that, it's probably the most valuable. When you can take your target audience on a different plane altogether, it demonstrates your commitment to helping make that desired transformation. Lead generation is an important activity. Work on it to make it work for you. Connect with us to learn how.
Lead Generation by Ben Taylor55 licensed under Creative Commons 2.0