Making sure websites are fit for purpose
This may seem like a simple goal. After all, businesses know what they wish to achieve through their websites. Surely it's to sell products or offer services? Well, let's take this simple response further by asking this question...

Is your website design fit for a searcher's purpose?

You would hope that the answer would be a resounding 'yes'. But is it? Many websites are created to sell products or services in the way that the business owner thinks they should be sold. This can be through clear descriptions of what that business offers. But these might not entirely match the searcher's requirements. A good way to look at this is to consider the differences between an autobiography and a biography. The former presents the story the individual wants to tell in the way they wish to tell it. The latter covers the same subject matter, but from an outsider's point of view!

Meeting the searcher's purpose

When undertaking a web search, an individual wants to meet a need or solve a problem. This can be a positive action, such as buying a gift for a friend. Or, to avoid or deal with a negative situation, such as fixing a water leak or making sure that their home is properly insured. Your website design and content is examined from this viewpoint. Any visitor needs to quickly know that they are in the right place. Then, the process towards the achievement of their goal should be clear to follow. Content should be pitched at the right level, providing clear explanations or descriptions. The call to action should be equally obvious to find and follow.

Working from the outside in

To achieve a web presence that meets the searcher's purpose, you need some 'outside eyes'. This is where our talented Mark 2 Creative team comes in. We work with our clients by getting to know their unique business offering before pairing that with our website design skills. This allows us to create websites that are fit for purpose - both for the business itself and those who might need their products or services. So, how can we help achieve this with you? Get in touch with us today to learn more.