How to measure the impact of your marketing campaigns

marketing campaigns

Marketing measurement can be difficult because there are always a range of factors that can make your marketing report uncertain. With proper tracking and focus on the right metrics, however, you can paint a very good picture about the effectiveness of your campaign so that you can learn lessons from it and improve from campaign to campaign. Here we explore the metrics you need to track to determine the effectiveness of marketing campaigns:

Unique visitors

This is the best indicator for the overall traffic to your website. This is the number of people who have visited without counting people more than once. Effectively this is the accurate footfall of traffic to your page.

Number of page views

When taken as a comparison to your unique visitors the number of page views can give you an indication of how interesting your content is. If visitors are clicking on multiple pages then you can conclude that they are finding your content interesting and are exploring it further.

Search engine traffic

The amount of traffic referred to your website from search engines will help you to discern how well your promotions are optimised for search. If you’re getting good traffic, but none of it is coming from organic search, then you are likely missing out because your search terms are off.

Bounce rates

Visitors who visit your website and then leave immediately are considered as ‘bouncing’ and this is commonly a sign that your marketing is promising something that your website doesn’t offer. A bounce rate below 40% is good but higher than this indicates that people do not like what they are finding on your webpage.

Conversion rate

The conversion rate allows you to track the customers who are taking a specific action and these are the customers who are generally going to make you money and buy your services. If you can convert 3% of visitors then this is generally considered to be very good.

Link inbound

One final metric to track is the number of inbound links in place leading to your website. These are links from external sites that link to your content. If your content is good then the inbound links will increase.

Using these marketing measurement metrics will help you to understand how well your marketing campaigns are working and will give you the opportunity to improve with each campaign.

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