CRM and the delivery of mutually assured information

mutually assured information

CRM and the delivery of mutually assured information

You may have heard the term ‘mutually-assured destruction‘. It’s used in discussions of the Cold War and nuclear arsenals. It’s not exactly a positive situation, which is so unlike the delivery of mutually assured information! This is achieved through lead generation in your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) activities, so it’s a progressive – and profitable – activity.

How lead generation can be a beneficial process on both sides

Obviously, any business requires leads to gain customers. Effective generation techniques can help to deliver more of the right kind of prospects for a business to convert into customers. For the process to be as effective as possible, it needs to work effectively on both sides of the transaction.

Firstly, the potential customer needs to gain a positive awareness of a company and its services or products. This can be achieved through the use of direct marketing, email campaigns, social media postings and the like. This supplies pertinent information to encourage them into making positive contact with a business.

There’s another side to this information transaction. The company gains valuable marketing information about each possible customer. Understanding their wants or needs, and appreciating their preferences, is vital. This allows a business to carefully tailor both the information it provides, and its products or services. This means that maximum use can be made of important product or service features. As can the key benefits users will want to gain – or, in some cases, negative outcomes they’d like to avoid.

Through effective use of these processes and actions, the building of customer loyalty can follow.

Effective CRM offers tangible benefits to a business

Through improved lead generation actions, a business can look to increase both the number and the quality of leads gained. This can bleed into improvements in strategy, through the use of lead data analytics. All of which can positively affect the ever-vital Return on Investment!

How Mark 2 Creative can work with you

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