Who needs a logo, anyway?


Just how important is a logo to your company success?

What is a logo? When we think about business branding, marketing and advertising campaigns, we focus on creating visually stunning presentations, advertisements with catchy slogans, and generally all enticing sales promotions designed to drive readers to engage with our company.

An effective creative strategy for any business is crucial to their success and recognition as a known brand icon. While marketing campaigns, advertisements and flyers are effective in promoting your services, it does not account for too much when you are failing to optimise your campaign by increasing brand recognition potential.

Having a company icon is an essential requirement for any company that is serious about promoting their company, making sales, gaining clients or becoming a respected company name. Failing to have one, or not including it on company marketed materials that should be branded is compared to deliberately setting yourself up for failure. Implementing a logo within your marketing campaign offers increased potential and capability to grow brand awareness, and increase customer recognition of your company, product or services offered.

From the Nike ‘swoosh’ symbol to the McDonald’s ‘M’ arch, these companies have achieved the maximum desired result in iconic branding as customers instantly recognise their brand from the logo alone. This, ultimately, is what you should be seeking when marketing your company – the ability for instant company recognition within both your consumer database and competitors.

What Can You Do About It?

Without a logo or a brand awareness strategy, the only thing you will accomplish is falling behind the crowd in the area of business, and you will never be considered as competition on any level compared to other branded companies.

A good, effective logo gains meaning and effectiveness over time. It defines your company, should represent some aspect of your company services or goals and needs to reflect your business on a whole. When the logo is the first face your business presents to the world, you need to input some insight into its creation, suited to your company style. It’s also worthwhile to do your research into colour psychology to assess what colour scheme would best complement your logo design.

Mark Buckingham is a partner with Mark 2 Creative; a dynamic Sydney based integrated marketing agency. They are experts in branding and digital delivery, and are able to seamlessly merge the two disciplines together to deliver cutting edge solutions that set them apart from the competition. their imaginative and innovative approach provides clients with a real presence in their marketplace that gives them exactly what they need from their marketing – more business.

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(The logo in and of itself is just a bunch of vectors. In fact, all logos are just guns with no ammo. It's what Nike did which made the swoosh so great. - Mark Ecko #branding by coolinsights licensed under Creative commons 4)