3 ways to create a professional online presence

online presence

Digital Times Demand a Stellar Online Presence

In today’s online society, internet scams are more common than ever, and often the only thing that gives away highly polished scams are suspicious email addresses and a lack of branding. To set your business apart, you need to engage the services of an organisation with years of experience and research in online marketing strategies. This brings an air of professionalism into your online presence, delivering everything from your business logo to your email addresses. Here are three easy ways to professionalise your online presence and attract more customers:

1. A professionally designed logo

Your logo needs to be something that immediately attracts attention and allows instant recognition of your brand. Graphic designers can work with you personally to create the logo your business needs and deserves. This will help with not only your online identity and social media presence, but will improve your real-world marketing.

2. An expertly designed website

Web designers should know everything there is to know about website design, including landing pages and hosting. Once you know what features you want on your website – be it a gallery of completed jobs or an online store – they will bring your ideas to life. Once they’ve designed a beautiful, engaging website, they will also maximise the traffic to your site through Search Engine Optimisation. SEO ensures that your website appears at the top of search results, every time, increasing the traffic and business your website brings in.

3. Dodge the spam filter with email hosting

There are few things worse than your emails ending up in the “Spam” folder of an email inbox when they shouldn’t. The most effective way to keep your emails at the top of the inbox is to have a business specific email address @yourwebsite.com, rather than a Gmail or Yahoo email account. This is the most effective way to dodge email filters and keep your emails where they need to be. Having a hosted email address also gives your customers a sense of confidence in you and your business, improving your professional image.

Mark Buckingham is a partner with Mark 2 Creative; a dynamic Sydney based integrated marketing agency. They are experts in branding and digital delivery, and are able to seamlessly merge the two disciplines together to deliver cutting edge solutions that set them apart from the competition. their imaginative and innovative approach provides clients with a real presence in their marketplace that gives them exactly what they need from their marketing – more business.

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