PPC: a simple action to help gain an effective response

When you are crafting a Pay Per Click (PPC) paid advertising campaign, your aim is quite simple: to drive visitors to your website. In other words, by having them ‘click through’ you are controlling the journey they take.

However, controlling their direction of travel is not the same as their immediately understanding the destination! Consider some examples from fiction: in The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe, the children don’t understand where they have arrived at; and the same is true for Dorothy in OZ, or Alice in Wonderland.

How does this apply to PPC journeys?

While the kids embarked on an unexpected and often uncontrolled adventure – which was the aim of the author – this is certainly not what you want when a web searcher clicks through to your website!

The key, in this case, is to take them swiftly and clearly to a place they want to visit. There is a danger that the ‘clicker’ arrives at a generic home or category page. Yet, the search terms they entered are almost certainly more specific than that. It’s probably not simply: ‘Ladies hairdresser Sydney’ but more likely to be: ‘Ladies wedding hair stylist Balmain’.

Therefore, how do you gain that vital instant and relevant contact from the click that you’re paying for?

Create a series of specific and optimised landing pages

This is the way to match your content with their search intent. By doing so, you can gain a much higher conversion rate – you’re making it easier for them to find out exactly what they want to know. Use the keywords they are likely to both use in their search and want to read when they dive into your content.

Each landing page can then also deliver a more specific call to action than is possible on a more generic alternative. This might be to establish contact, or to choose from further page options to help further focus the search that’s matched so closely to their actual requirements.

Creating a series of landing pages meeting the specific needs of your potential clients, allows you to use PPC advertising to quickly take them right to the desired destination.


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