Search engine marketing isn’t just about rankings
It can easily feel like the key to performing well in search engine rankings is locked away behind a door of ever-changing algorithms. Search engines are always learning and updating the ways they display the most relevant information for searchers. But there's no reason that you can’t crack that code for the benefit of your business when you work with a digital marketing agency. There’s so much more to search engine marketing Search engine marketing is the overarching term for everything your business does to perform well in rankings. This includes adding new search engine optimised (SEO) content to your website regularly. Your search engine marketing requires an overall message of quality, useful content. Search engines will measure how many times people click onto your site, as well as how long they stay. If users are leaving as soon as they arrive, this looks to a search engine like your site wasn’t useful or easy to use. This means the basis of search engine marketing is speaking to your customers. Speak to your current customers and the people you want to convert. Speak to them in a way that makes them feel welcome and valued. Answer their questions and provide the solutions they need. Search engine marketing also means: -Using the right keywords and regularly updating your targeted keywords for relevance to your customers and what your competitors are doing. -Optimising your keywords for voice searches. Users will ask a spoken question in a very different way than if they were typing in keywords, you have to be prepared for both. -Making sure your links are working. Broken links are unhelpful to visitors and are noticed by search engines. -Having logical and easy to follow internal links. -Making sure your pages load quickly. Again, for both users and search engines. How does search engine marketing fit into your digital branding? Just as SEO is only one part of SEM, search engine marketing is just one part of your digital branding. Creating a presence online and having your message heard can seem like you’re fighting a losing battle. Especially when you’re competing with so many other messages. Search engine marketing is an affordable way to increase the awareness of your brand digitally. Through ongoing exposure in search engine results, users become aware of your brand, and are more likely to click. Paid search engine marketing such as pay per click advertising is also very affordable. So you can reach new customers for minimal outlay. Using search engine marketing is also targeting keywords. This means you’re reaching your potential customers at the exact moment they need your product or service, unlike using paid promotions on social media platforms, which target users based on their demographics. For example, just because a social media user is engaged, it doesn’t mean they are going to respond to your ad for wedding cake services. However, if someone is typing in the keywords ‘wedding cakes Sydney’ then you know they’re ready to make a decision.