Social media tips: 4 tips for making more of your online presence

social media tips

Need Some Social media Tips?

Here are 4 Social Media Tips that many businesses that say that they have a social media presence do not do. An AFL team has eighteen players on the field – but not all are contributing to the same level throughout the match. Some are fully involved; others can be on the periphery. It’s the same with a social media presence. So, how can you make sure you are truly involved? Here are four points to consider…

Get to know your audience

It’s key to have an in-depth understanding of your general audience. From this, social media activity can be used to target small groups within that audience at any time. These can differ from post to post, or over a period of time. One way to think of this is to create a series of buyer personalities for the main groups you are trying to reach. Then you can decide which one, or possibly several, you wish to talk to with a single or series of posts.

Add to that audience

Once you appreciate who you currently talk to, it makes it easier to expand your reach. This can be done geographically. A business sited in a city suburb can assess which neighbouring ones might also use the services offered. Alternatively, demographically, further age groups might be added to your current profiles.

Know what’s happening now

You’ll often notice that certain messages have ‘gone viral’ or products are ‘on trend’. Equally, changes to regular behaviours can be spotted, which has certainly been the case during the pandemic, for example. You won’t necessarily use social media to tie into each change instantly, although some timely posts can be productive. But, over time, you can build a picture of how the groups you aim to reach are changing in thought processes or behaviours.

Mix the style of your messages

Content-wise, you might tell a relevant story, use client testimonials, highlight a problem your products or services can help solve. You might introduce new items, or highlight offers on the most popular. The formats you use can also be varied from time to time, such as still images being replaced by a GIF or a video. This way, your social media content doesn’t risk being seen as repetitive and mundane.

How can we help you make more of your social media?

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