Social media: are you present; have you a presence?
There is no doubt that social media forms a vital part of the promotion of a business. But, like other forms, there are various degrees of effectiveness. Let's examine the two keys highlighted in this blog's title...

Have you a powerful social media presence?

There's an old saying that a person 'has something about them'. This is often described as a presence. It's seen as qualities or behaviours which sees them stand out from the crowd. The same is necessary when seeking to gain a powerful and positive social media presence. You will want your business or organisation to stand out, to be noticed. And in a positive way; one that reflects your values in a way that your audience will appreciate. Your aim should be to build a rapport with those who will see and read your posts. In this way, you become part of their social media circle. It also makes it more likely that they will re-tweet or re-post. This offers a potentially valuable extension to your customer base. It's also important to appreciate that this is a business activity. Too many people gradually forget this. Their social media presence is then damaged by their adding personal comments, irrelevant extras, or even calling others out over their behaviour.

Are you present on social media?

It seems natural that, if you have a presence then you are present. However, here we are taking a different meaning of the word. Present as in now. Too many companies or organisations set up a social media presence but then neglect it. It's vital to be 'in the now' with your social media. This means posting on a regular - but not excessive - basis. It's also about being seen to be responsive. Replying with thanks to compliments, answering questions, or solving highlighted problems. All are key parts of effective social media management.

How Mark 2 Creative can help

Setting a social media strategy, building a presence worthy of your organisation or company, can be time-consuming. Our talented team has gained hard-won expertise in this growth area. Talk to us now to discover how we can work together in this important field...
Image by Alltechbuzz via Pixabay