The bonding part of branding
Branding presents your identity to the world. Or at least the part that forms your current or potential customer base. Then, it can go far beyond that group, especially in the era of social media. A positive impression can be passed to others, even when the individual is not themselves a potential customer. An effective creative strategy helps achieve such goals.

Branding and bonding: the key meeting point

This is the place where what you do meets up with what others require. It's where what you are good at resonates with those people who might want, or could use, the products or services you offer. Your web presence and social media posts can then help strengthen those bonds. The aim is to become the natural choice in appropriate circumstances. You'll be a front-of-mind solution to the questions a potential client is asking themselves.

More than simple positioning

Just because people know what a company offers, or what a product can achieve, doesn't mean that their custom is assured. The brand and bond coming together encompass the complete experience customers enjoy when dealing with you. Making this close, having people see you as 'my...', rather than just a provider, creates strong bonds to your brand.

Be of both specific and consistent value

You're watching TV. You enjoy a specific programme, so you'll watch again. But not because it is on one channel rather than another. This was a specific choice. It delivers a clear bond within an overall brand. Yet, you might have come across that programme simply because you were surfing your favourite channels. Your choice is likely made there through a known consistency of delivery. Therefore, in business, you should seek to deliver specific consistency within the walls of your brand identity. This is the value you offer; branding helps match this to the values your customer base holds. They move from an initial understanding of what you're about. Customers build, and then retain, positive feelings about this. Reaching such a position, through social media and personal interaction, they can then start to spread the good word!

Delivering effective branding

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Image by kiquebg via Pixabay