Let Prospects Trigger the Right Marketing Tasks Through Their Own Actions

Unlimited Triggers, Unlimited Actions

Check the Box

It’s just that simple. Check the boxes to trigger autoresponders, marketing list management, CRM lead assignment, and more.

“‘closes the loop’ in terms of email & site analytics and behavior based campaigns.”

– Mikko H., G2 Crowd review

What Can Triggers Do?

  • ✓ Send Automated Email Follow Ups – Send or schedule one or more automated email follow ups to the lead
  • ✓ Manage Campaign Membership – Automatically add or remove a lead to a campaign, to laser target your messaging
  • ✓ Update List Membership – Change the lead’s membership to different lists, to make reporting even easier
  • ✓ Change Lead Score – Update any of the three layers of lead scoring available to you
  • ✓ Alert Sales – Send notifications of the lead’s activity to the lead owner (or anyone you choose), in real-time
  • ✓ Create a CRM Task – Salesforce, Sugar, and Dynamics


The platform integrates seamlessly with all leading CRMs, as well as numerous other software platforms.

Got something custom? No problem, our API has you covered.

What does your business need? We’d love to hear from you!