Website design and website success: a relationship worth investing in
The famous saying ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ is far from the truth when it comes to your business website. Website design can make a huge difference in how users view your business and can impact their decision to convert, whether it's making a sale or signing up to your newsletter. That's why we've put together three things to keep in mind as you design or refresh your online presence: 1. Your business identity Understanding that, in the 21st century, your website is the face of your business is critical when it comes to considering its design. Similar to if you were meeting someone new, your website must be welcoming and communicate what you can do clearly. First impressions are central to any relationship and websites are an easy and accessible way to present your business’ personality and purpose to potential customers. Your online presence must reflect your brand in terms of its colours, logo, tone of voice and imagery. However, it should also reflect the experience your customers should expect as they enter business with you, such as through offering secure transactions, ease of purchasing/obtaining information, and insightful content. In short, use your online presence to enhance your brand. 2. Design for your audience The average customer’s attention span is short. Confusing information, broken links, badly designed menus and a layout which isn't optimised for mobile can reduce your website’s credibility and limit the likelihood that potential customers will remain on your site. Designing your website to be as user-friendly as possible will optimise your online presence. It may seem obvious to suggest, but don’t try to appeal to ‘everyone’. Rather, design for the people you want to use your website – your core audience – and make it enjoyable for them to use. Easy and simple navigation helps users find the information they require quickly and makes them more inclined to return to your website in future. This will develop your identity as a trustworthy business and is an appealing quality for any online user. 3. Keep it simple, keep it fresh There is no shortage of competition on the internet. What will attract potential customers to your business is your website’s ability to stay relevant. As you consider your website design, bear in mind the ease with which you can update your content regularly. A relatively simple design and CMS will make your content visually more accessible and will allow for easy changes which you can make yourself, without having to contact your designer. Plus, as you likely already know, regularly updated content can improve your ranking in the search results. Even just implementing a blog into your design is a great way to continue offering fresh, relevant content. Investing in the design of your website will make a definite improvement in the success of your business. These three tips are useful starting points, but it pays to enlist the help of the professionals. Speak to us at Mark 2 Creative today to find out more about our website design service.