Why landing pages are a vital element of effective website design

Imagine you are hurrying into a department store, one that you’ve never visited before, to buy a last minute gift for a birthday or wedding. The layout might be confusing, a lack of visible staff doesn’t help, the in-store signage isn’t of much use – and you’re more frustrated with each passing moment.

Not a pleasant experience; but how does this example tie in with the development of an effective website design? Simply because, in many cases, visitors to your site will arrive as a result of a search they’ve conducted. They have probably conducted this search to achieve a specific result, be it to find a product they need, locate a service that can help solve a difficulty, or deliver information to allow them to take a specific course of action.

What if your website isn’t of as much help as it should be?

Just like the in-store frustration mentioned earlier, arriving at a generic website homepage, when in search of something specific, can cause a negative response from those searching. They might be in a hurry to do what needs to be done, or simply be as impatient for hassle-free results as many of us have become in an instant-answers world.

If that was to happen after arriving at your homepage, and then being expected to navigate to a more precise destination themselves, this would often lead those arriving to leave just as quickly. They’ll return to their original search and try elsewhere – AKA your competitors!

Landing pages: a short cut to success

The answer is to craft a series of specific landing pages, carefully designed to meet a range of clearly identified and specific needs of your potential customers. On arrival, those searching quickly know they’re in the right pace. This means they can swiftly carry on with their journey further into your website as a much more committed and enthusiastic visitor than before. Each landing page is like a positive signpost, carefully directing them seamlessly on into their exploration of your website.

How can we help manage your arrivals?

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