How to develop a winning personalization strategy

Personalization is the buzz in digital marketing. As brands and businesses strive to differentiate themselves from the competition, being able to create customer intimacy at the 1-on-1 level holds the key to success. Above all, you’ll need to prepare the battleground well. In this article, we discuss how that can be done.

1. The right technology makes a difference

In personalization, the right technology is needed to manage the data, segment the target audience and automate the reach out. Without the right technology, the best of intentions can go wrong. You’ll end up spending more time correcting things than getting things right. The right technology will ensure you’ll have the time to nurture the relationship.

2. Collect and harvest data

To get up close and personal, you’ll need as much data as possible about your target audience. Identify the metrics you’ll need to track, add or eliminate as you go along. Precision is key in profiling your target audience. It is important is to ensure your outreach effort – content, offers – hit home at the individual level.

3. Continuously revisit the profile

It is impossible, on or offline, to know someone well in a short period of time. Continuous research into the lives of your target customers is important. While people do not change their core values, circumstances may lead to them manifesting these values in different ways. To be personal, you’ll need to stay on top of these changes.

4. Be consistent

Your personalization effort must cut across all stages of the buyer’s journey as well as touchpoints. To appear authentic and sincere, your target customer must see himself/herself being addressed to at a personal level when they browse, buy and after they’ve paid amongst others. Even post-purchase engagements must retain the personalization feel. To this end, keep in mind it is at this stage that loyalists and advocates are created.

New technology will sharpen the competitiveness of personalized marketing. It’ll grow more versatile and precise. Setting the business accordingly to benefit from it is the important first step. To start well on your personalization strategy, speak to us today.

Photo: Smartphone by newkemall licensed under Creative commons 4