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SEM: Paying attention to your landing pages
There are many aspects to give attention to when crafting your business' search engine marketing strategy and actions. Because of this, some important areas can be overlooked or under-developed. We have found that one such area can be in making maximum use of landing pages. Here are key areas to consider...

Why landing pages are such an important component of your search engine marketing

Imagine, in a town you don't know well, you follow a road sign to your destination. When you reach the end of your journey, you're in the wrong location. How frustrating is that? It's the same when a visitor arrives at a webpage as the result of their search. Or from information provided in an ad or social media posting. Imagine their requirement was for a specific training seminar. They arrive at a huge list of all such courses. And are then expected to conduct another frustrating search themselves. In reality, this is often a take-off, rather than a landing, page! The searcher simply takes off elsewhere!

Focus on a strong bond between starting point and destination

From wherever your SEM delivers potential clients to your landing page, it's vital to build on that fledgling relationship. This means that the terms you have used to successfully get them to this point need to be prominent early on the landing page. Images, headers, and early copy can confirm, in a searcher's mind, that they have chosen the right place to visit.

Pay attention to your landing page design

Speed and compatibility are of the essence. Your landing pages need to download quickly - and across all devices. Patience may be a virtue - but very few people are now virtuous when waiting for a download!

And it's URL!

Again, your search engine marketing strategy has used keywords to encourage searchers. Your uniform resource locator (URL) needs to incorporate this - as should the meta description for the page. Too often, the latter is generic across a website.

And the results!

Monitoring your specific landing pages for visitor interaction and conversion offers valuable insights. This can be about the page itself, or the specific product or service, and how it's being offered.

A great landing place for powerful SEM strategies and tactics

Our Mark 2 Digital team are experts in delivering powerful search engine marketing outcomes. Talk to us today - obligation-free of course - to see how we might help your operation excel in this vital area...
Photo: Free image by Pixabay