Apr 14 2021

What to look for in a website hosting company

If you are setting up a new business or you are looking for a new website hosting provider for your website, it’s important to choose a company that suits your business and can provide all of the website hosting services you require. Every website needs hosting and there are a wide variety of hosting options […]

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Apr 07 2021

How to create lasting social media marketing content

How long does your and social media marketing content last? Your answer depends on whether you create genuinely unique content or not. Many marketers focus too much on what’s next and forget that short-term thinking only delivers short-term results. Here, we explore three strategies marketers should use to create social media content that will last […]

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Mar 30 2021

Adapting your search engine marketing strategy for voice search

Are you wondering how to update your search engine marketing (SEM) strategy for 2021? It may be time to start thinking about voice search. As most digital marketing professionals are well aware, web users are constantly on the lookout for new ways to save time and optimise their online experiences. A relatively fresh way to […]

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Mar 29 2021

A quick guide to digital marketing

Digital marketing is now a part of everyday life and is a sizeable tool that businesses have at their disposal. You already know that marketing is vital if you wish to grow your business, but with so much of life moving online in the last year, digital marketing might be something you’re looking at for […]

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Mar 16 2021

Does your branding have a narrative and a voice?

There is a range of elements that combine to deliver a powerful and consistent brand identity; one which can then be enhanced through the use of an effective creative strategy. Here are two key areas to consider regarding the branding of your company or organisation, products and services. Have you created a compelling narrative? Consider […]

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Mar 09 2021

How does website content impact digital marketing?

A website is, of course, an integral component of any digital marketing strategy. The success of the site is driven by its content. That content must be of high-quality. It must also be refreshed and expanded regularly. New content helps build authority Search engines seek to identify websites that are regarded by readers to be […]

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Mar 03 2021

Is your social media in any way anti-social?

This might seem a strange question. Surely no-one would use social media in any way but a positive one when promoting their business and its products or services? Perhaps the word ‘inadvertently’ should have been added to the title. However, some companies don’t seem to be fully committed to their social media actions or are […]

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Feb 27 2021

The basics of SEO – A road map

You have a great brand, identity, and social media presence. Your creative strategy is on-point, and all you want to do is provide the world with an amazing product and/or service. A website with excellent SEO is your next step. Search engine optimisation (SEO) can, and should, enable the minute alterations to your website’s written […]

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Feb 15 2021

4 benefits of PPC advertising

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact profitability. So, companies are searching for ways to become more visible to customers. An extremely effective way to do this is pay per click (PPC) advertising. With paid advertising, you can reach customers at every stage of the purchase process. Here are the key benefits of this search […]

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Feb 06 2021

4 questions to guide your digital marketing transformation strategy

Digitisation is a business phenomenon that has transcended all industries. Marketing, for example, has gone largely digital. From lead generation and customer management to social media advertising, it’s hard to imagine any business that has not done a digital transformation of their marketing. If you’re looking to do the same, here are 4 questions to […]

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