Jun 17 2021

Branding and rebranding – key factors to consider

Let’s start with one key reason for not rebranding – and it’s boredom. Business owners and managers are exposed to their branding on a fairly constant basis. Because of this, a feeling can develop that it’s time for a change from the same-old, same-old. However, seen from a customer’s side, with infrequent or occasional exposure, […]

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Jun 09 2021

Why a well-designed website is important for your business

Are you thinking about redesigning your website? It is the first thing your target audience will see, so it’s important to make a good first impression. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why a well-designed website is so important for your business, and why you should consider upgrading your website today. It […]

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Jun 03 2021

SEM (search engine marketing) 101: an introduction to the basics

The world of digital marketing is filled with acronyms like SEM, PPC and SERPs, but what does it all mean? In this post, we’re looking specifically at SEM. SEM is short for search engine marketing, which is a marketing strategy that boosts a website’s visibility online through the search engine results pages (SERPs). SEM in […]

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May 27 2021

Everything you need to know about website hosting complete solutions

Your business website is much more than just somewhere to list your products or services. When leveraged effectively, your website is a powerful tool for attracting and engaging with your community. Your website should also be just as user friendly for you to use as it is for your customers. Website and email hosting Website […]

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May 15 2021

The dos and don’ts of SEO

Making use of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is vital when compiling a website or web page. Unfortunately, it is not just about implementing the right keywords to boost your page ranking – you must be very precise to let your content shine. 1. DO: Use SEO analytics Services such as Google Optimize and Google Analytics […]

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May 14 2021

CRM and the delivery of mutually-assured information

You may have heard the term ‘mutually-assured destruction’. It’s used in discussions of the Cold War and nuclear arsenals. It’s not exactly a positive situation, which is so unlike the delivery of mutually assured information! This is achieved through lead generation in your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) activities, so it’s a progressive – and profitable […]

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May 01 2021

Aren’t branding and creative strategies the same thing?

This is a question our Mark 2 Creative team have been asked from time to time. Occasionally, the terms can seem to be used interchangeably, but each undertakes a separate and vital function in the overall scheme of things. Let’s start with branding. Branding: how you want people to see your company, product or service […]

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Apr 26 2021

Targeted landing pages and social media posts – what you need to know

With so many different ways to promote your business, in this case through your website design and social media postings, it’s important to build synergy where possible between the different actions you take. The word itself indicates an outcome that is greater than each of its individual parts. It can suggest the effective coming together […]

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Apr 14 2021

What to look for in a website hosting company

If you are setting up a new business or you are looking for a new website hosting provider for your website, it’s important to choose a company that suits your business and can provide all of the website hosting services you require. Every website needs hosting and there are a wide variety of hosting options […]

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Apr 07 2021

How to create lasting social media marketing content

How long does your and social media marketing content last? Your answer depends on whether you create genuinely unique content or not. Many marketers focus too much on what’s next and forget that short-term thinking only delivers short-term results. Here, we explore three strategies marketers should use to create social media content that will last […]

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