Jan 11 2021

Benefits of a professional hosting service for your business

As your business grows, you will at some point want to upgrade to professional hosting though some entrepreneurs mistakenly prefer cheap or even free hosting. Whether it is website, email or application hosting, choosing cheap or free hosting service over a professional one is costly in the long-run. Managing your own domain, software upgrades, website […]

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Jan 06 2021

Generating leads for SAAS companies

Lead generation involves stimulating and capturing the interest in a product or service and nurturing targets with education until ready to make a purchase. Software as a service, or SAAS, is a centrally hosted software licensing and delivery model. Software is licensed on a subscription basis, with customers given network-based access to a copy of […]

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Dec 30 2020

How social media gives businesses the competitive edge

Social media has carved an enormous slice for itself in the everyday lives of people. It’s so pervasive that by 2021, more than 3 billion people are expected to be on it (1). As people grow accustomed to a ‘social media’ lifestyle, it would be myopic of businesses, B2B or B2C, to ignore the contribution […]

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Dec 24 2020

How to produce effective social media videos

The use of social media videos has risen significantly. It is relatively easy and inexpensive to produce them. However, not every production produces the desired results. In this post, we look at the qualities of those that are engaging, drive traffic and produce higher conversion rates. 1. Choice of social media platform While it used […]

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Dec 16 2020

How to make paid advertising a growth driver

9 in 10 best performing content marketers utilise paid advertising to distribute their content (1). While you may be restrained by budgetary considerations, PPC marketing has a part to play in the overall success of your social and digital marketing activities. In this post, we highlight the key benefits of paid advertising. 1. Generates valuable […]

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Dec 05 2020

How videos strengthen your social media marketing

Did you know the human brain processes audio-visual material 60000 times faster than text? (1) This shouldn’t come as a surprise. Humans are visual creatures and have always used visuals to communicate from the beginning. With 9 in 10 marketers naming video as an important chapter in their marketing playbook, you risk being left behind […]

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Nov 28 2020

How to conduct effective buyer persona research

You’ve heard the term buyer persona bandied around in digital marketing. When clearly defined, it contributes significantly to the success of your digital marketing efforts. But it needs to be thoroughly researched to do so. Unfortunately, it’s a step often missed when businesses conduct market analysis to develop their marketing strategies. If you’re keen to […]

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Nov 24 2020

Has social media left your website behind?

Many businesses have a priority of making sure that their social media presence is as effective as it can be. At the same time, there can be a danger that their website becomes slightly neglected. It’s true that Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and the like are information sources of the moment. Each needs to be […]

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Nov 11 2020

How to make your lead generation activities a success

From leads to customers, that’s the path your lead generation activities should take. But it’s easier said than done. For businesses that have become ‘disillusioned’ with social and digital media marketing, it’s usually a failure to realise this trajectory that makes them question its effectiveness. While social and digital media marketing isn’t a magic wand, […]

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Nov 04 2020

How to create an effective online brand identity

Today, online branding is a discipline in its own right. Website speed, clarity of images and audio as well as navigation are essential facets of online branding. They contribute to your brand identity. In this post, we look at other factors which form the basis of effective branding in IoT. 1. Clear brand personality, tone […]

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