Jan 28 2022

Top 3 CRM myths debunked

CRM is sometimes portrayed as a massive con that will consume all your money and effort, but we have to disagree! Let’s explore some of the absurd claims making the rounds on the internet in order to make sense of what’s fact and what’s fiction. Read on to debunk the top three CRM misconceptions here. Myth 1: […]

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Jan 18 2022

New to Google Adwords? Check out these top tips

A common question that we’re often asked is whether or not there are any sure methods of success when launching a Google Adwords campaign. Here are three top tips to follow when starting a marketing campaign on Google Adwords. Keep your demographic in mind When creating a Google Adwords campaign, the main thing to keep […]

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Jan 13 2022

Understanding the role social media plays in customer service today

Customer service via social media is becoming an increasingly important area. Gartner, a technology research and consultation organisation in the US, has recently suggested that, by next year, well over half of customer service requests will be dealt with through social media. Think of some of the frustrations that customers have when trying to contact […]

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Jan 05 2022

Digital marketing trends for 2022

The world of digital marketing is a constantly shifting and evolving beast. There are new platforms, algorithm changes, technologies and consumer behaviours to consider. With 2022 upon us, we look at the leading digital marketing trends that are likely to impact us this year. Email will be the most important channel With all of the […]

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Dec 23 2021

How effective CRM practices can lead to happier customers

If Customer Relationship Management (CRM) processes are working effectively, then the company using them will gain many benefits. But, for once, let’s turn the picture around and look at it from the other side. Customers might not instantly know that CRM is working effectively on their behalf. They will simply appreciate positive outcomes. An obvious […]

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Dec 17 2021

Email hosting 101: An introduction to the basics

An email hosting service is an internet-based, dedicated email inbox maintained by a provider on its servers for customers. There are several free email hosting services, Google and Outlook being two prominent examples. However, commercial providers like Mark 2 Creative offer paid services to businesses and professionals wanting premium, expanded versions of a free service. […]

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Dec 06 2021

Four valuable questions to ask about your website

When your website was first created, it may well have displayed excellent website design actions. The content may have been vibrant and to the point. Over time, however, many business websites can be neglected as other priorities take hold. If your website has been in situ for a fair period of time, it might be […]

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Nov 24 2021

How to boost your brand identity

Your brand’s identity is a major marketing point. It can be the very thing that can help you to connect with consumers, drawing them in so that you can create a relationship. It can also be a unique selling point that can help your brand stand out from competitors, so it’s worthwhile to invest in […]

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Nov 17 2021

Is pay per click (PPC) worth it?

Pay per click is an internet-based advertising strategy. Its premise is simple: you, as the advertiser, only have to pay the body that publishes your ad when your ad has been clicked on by a potential customer. There are several benefits to this type of advertising, so let’s take a look at them in more […]

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Nov 10 2021

Increase your Instagram visibility with SEO optimisation

Social media is a big part of online marketing in 2021. Platforms such as Instagram work wonders for boosting the reach of both you and your business. Don’t believe us? Just have a look at the thousands of influencers who have forged successful careers on Instagram alone. One of the reasons why they’re so successful […]

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