Oct 28 2020

How to personalise your CRM strategy and drive growth

What is the ultimate CRM strategy from a customers’ and prospects’ perspective? If we embrace Accenture’s report, it will be this: 4 in 5 customers expect brands to have a deep appreciation of them as well as be mindful of when to and when not to reach out to them (1). Indeed the latter is […]

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Oct 21 2020

PPC: a simple action to help gain an effective response

When you are crafting a Pay Per Click (PPC) paid advertising campaign, your aim is quite simple: to drive visitors to your website. In other words, by having them ‘click through’ you are controlling the journey they take. However, controlling their direction of travel is not the same as their immediately understanding the destination! Consider […]

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Oct 14 2020

How to execute an effective rebranding strategy

While consistency is key in building successful brands, rebranding should never be overlooked. Like most things in life, a breath of fresh air should always be welcomed. Furthermore, a new brand identity can catapult a business to greater heights. In this post, we provide an outline of how to execute an effective rebranding strategy. 1. […]

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Oct 07 2020

How to regain lost leads

An effective CRM strategy should include a set of steps to regain lost leads. After all, a lost lead isn’t necessarily because of a lack or absence of interest in your product or service. Perhaps the time wasn’t right or they were considering other options. Hence, it’s not a bad idea to assume, until proven […]

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Sep 28 2020

3 major reasons to outsource your SEO

For a small business owner, SEO can be a mystery. And it doesn’t help that the playing fields of internet marketing keep changing. For this reason, SEO is a moving target. While there are various debates concerning the value of page ranking, especially appearing on page 1, the reality is that unless you are visible […]

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Sep 26 2020

Inbound Marketing 101 – It’s just a matter of planning

For the last few years, inbound marketing has been a growing segment in the marketers arsenal. But what is inbound marketing?

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inbound marketing
Sep 23 2020

How to use marketing analysis and research to drive growth

In the past, intuition, gut feeling or entrepreneurial acumen played a big part in marketing success. Whilst it remains relevant today, none are sufficient to steer and keep ahead of the competition. With the Internet being a huge part of people’s lives, we are living behind huge digital footprints. The resultant measurements can help businesses […]

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Sep 09 2020

6 questions to ask when creating social media content

The aims of social media content should include being relatable, useful and shareable. To achieve these outcomes, here are some simple questions to ask about your products or services before creating specific content… Why do people want to own or use it? Like the other questions which follow, the key is to see the content […]

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Sep 02 2020

How to adapt your marketing strategy for 2020

2020 has so far been a pretty unique year, and it calls for a very different marketing strategy than ever before. Things are changing quickly, people are in different situations and may need different things from your business, but if you can successfully adapt, then you will put yourself and your business in a great […]

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Aug 26 2020

Can backlinking give you an SEO boost?

In the digital era, companies with a presence online will know just how important a page ranking can be. After all, if potential customers can’t see you, how are they going to know about your products and services? There are many different elements which are understood to impact SEO. You may have implemented a keyword […]

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